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About Me

Working in the design industry for 10 years has been one heck of a ride. I’ve lived all across the United States and China for two years. Experience and Knowledge are the keys to creativity and I’m constantly trying to learn from every moment. The thing that keeps me coming back to design is the creative problem solving, when you are working with a team and you examine an idea, refine it and work it over some more. The good ideas are worth coming back to.

Programs Used

Years Teaching

Years of Experience

Former Clients

The advertising section features projects with a focus on branding, identity, placement, executions, and service design.

Motion Graphics features motion work from a variety of clients and demonstrates a wide breadth of software and techniques. From 3D animation, to 2D animation, particles and dynamics. You name it I’ll play it.

Featured Project

Motion Graphics

This project features clean motion graphics as well as a unique 3D rendering technique

Video Correction

Another aspect to the project was doing traditional plating and color correction for a second promotional video

360 Video

Being able to edit and align 360 videos is going to become increasingly important for brand placement

View my Motion Graphics Reel Here

Demo reels are just a snap shot, the quickest glance possible of someones work. Their best foot forward. Throughout this website it is my goal to help you get to know me as a designer and share the stories of how these projects came to be. Each one is a journey to a final product, with murphy’s law always in full effect when at a deadline.