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Featured Projects


The following projects have been selected because they represent an at-a-glance view that covers a wide breadth of my work. There are more projects featured at the bottom of the page.

Azili Sparkling Water

Azili is water with a purpose. It seeks to provide relief efforts and be on the ground in areas where clean water is not available. Every can purchased ensures that fresh water gets to those in need.


Getzi Group

Branding and webdesign for a luxury property rental company in Atlanta. This project was focused on uniting the two branches of clients, the guest and the renters. Building trust with an honest voice and assurance that both parties interest are catered to at every step.

Goodwill Rebranding

The following project includes graphic elements, motion pieces, website and app design. It is a refreshing look at one of the most iconic brands in the United States. A new logo and branding transforms this companies image and positions them for the future.

Thoughts on Branding


Working in Advertising & Branding has been a great experience for me. Allowing my background in motion & design to attach it self to a product. The creativity developed in those visual pursuits have given me a level of problem solving that moves beyond the pixel and into the experiential.

All Projects



Below are more works from various clients and experiences.

Diablo Saw Blades

Branding / Art Direction

Goodwill Rebranding

Branding / Extended Design

Uptempo Automotive

Branding / UI/UX Design

Uptempo Customer

UI/UX Design / Social Media 

Quiz Pro Go

UI/UX Design / Branding

Whoa Platform

UI/UX / Branding

Getzi Group

Luxury Property Rental Branding & Website 


Digital Presentations

Caslon Book

History of William Caslon and the first true international Type-Foundry.

Sleep Heap

App designed to gather all incoming information while you sleep and store it in one area.

Delta & Porsche

360 video / Behind the Scenes Video

Thai Kitchen

Extensive layout and typography study with an emphasis on the rules of layout and hierarchy

HVD Type Comparison

Type comparison book exploring two of the HVD type foundries fonts.

Jose Cuervo

Branding for Jose Cuervo’s annual Reserva de la Familia bottle.

M. King

Interactive gaming concept, restaurant design, logo and menu design.

18.21 Cocktail

Branding Executions and Website Design for Beverage Company

Monroe Artist Guild

Website / App Design

B-Box Lunch

Lunch service designed to add variety to work lunches at an affordable rate.

Clash Academy

Board game that turns the traditional high-school stereo-types on their head.

Pocket Fisherman

Re-branding of the 1986 infomercial sensation. App design, logo, box art

Pie'd Piper - Pastry Parlor

Branding / Experience

Azili Sparkling Water

Branding / Experience


This is a story that takes place on a journey. Experiential marketing campaign with executions.