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The following contains a series of executions for ADP.

  • Animated Logo Reveal
  • Email Design
  • Presentation for 2020 Financial Year Kick off
  • ADP President National Tour Presentation


With this presentation I was given some pre-made slides designed by the president for her unique message she would be taking across the country to share with the regional leaders of ADP.

Below is the version 1 followed by the adjusted version which changes radically. I feel the first one shows a clean paired back format, while the second delivers a more organic and non-standard approach to this presentation.

Version 1 vs Version 2

Just below you will see a smaller series of images, this represents the version 1 for this presentation. Below that is the second version that displays a much more non-standard none corporate feel that the President was looking for.


Below is the version 1 and version 2 of the ADP Nation Sales Association Financial 2020 Kick off meeting presentation.

Working for ADP was an interesting process, their brand standards are unique to say the least. They were looking for something that blended an eccentric flair with clean corporate design.




Within this assignment I was tasked with providing e-mail layouts for ADP to go out internally. These just like the other pieces of media created followed a none standard design layout and utilized their non-standard branding guidelines.