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OneLab VR Overview

After the PPE museum was completed and launched on steam, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. This helped to win our department several awards and honors.

The bar has been set for government funded virtual reality. The next assignment fell under a branch wide Re-brand called the One-Lab initiative.

The VR team was tasked with creating a 400,000 square foot laboratory sand box space. Complete with over 148 pieces of unique lab equipment. This arena became the setting for future lab exercises with a focus on multiplayer learning. The goal is to have lab trainees from all over the globe assemble to virtually be introduced and demoed on any of the 148 pieces of lab equipment and other CDC approved best practices.

Each Room of OneLab

The Onelab environment is huge. The above video shows a 360 view for each room. Please see the time stamps below for a guide and some context for each lab.

Main Lobby
Frist place new users enter into the lab, training tutorial is initiated here. 

Specimen Processing Lab
A physical inspection of the specimen is performed to ensure that it is in the correct tube, is not damaged, and has been transported appropriately.

Core Lab
Main lab for general processing and activities. 

Point of Care
Where clinicians deliver healthcare products and services to patients at the time of care.

Outpatient Care
Basically, a waiting room with service window. All it’s missing is the old magazines.

Special Chemistry
Special Chemistry testing handles tests that are ordered relatively infrequently, primarily for the purpose of investigating and diagnosing less common diseases.

Other Areas
This lab space is rather massive, please continue to click through the video above for other sections. 

3:23 Microbiology Lab – 3:42 Molecular Sequencing Lab – 4:14 Anatomical Pathology Lab –  4:44 North Corridor Offices and Restrooms – 4:57 Darkfield Microscopy Lab – 5:02 Anteroom – 5:21 Pass Through Autoclave – 5:38 Chemical Waste – 5:45 Main Hallway Run around the building



Down to the Boxes on the shelves, every detail of this space far exceeds any current level of fidelity on the Oculus Quest 2. 

Below are just a few of the 148 3D models that were created for this project. All of these have been designed to be interactive and functional. 

Have a look at

Art direction, Virtual Reality, 3D modeling