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Behind the Scenes Video

The following work was created for Pouya creative under contract from Delta and Porsche. This joint venture saw a drag race in Death Valley between a Delta A330 and a Porsche 9-11. The Delta plane was able to over take the Porsche when speeds reached 189 miles per-hour. The motion graphics were created by me over a three month period.

Final Video

Just Graphics

Porsche Branding Video

This beautifully shot video required some plates and touch up to remove licenses plates and logos. Blow are the shots I effected in this video.

Delta VR


This was one of the more interesting aspects to this project. The team at Pouya creative was amazing at finding a way to re-align the center point of the video so I could edit and clean up the video in After Effects. Bringing it back to it’s original focal point to make for a truly amazing experience