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UPTEMPO / Customer

Above is the first render that solves for a massive issue with this Bi-weekly payment platform. This new start up seeks to move towards the financial wellness sector.  They currently had no content once a user logged into their portal. Below is the journey of discovery to build out financial tools that serve the customers whether they check it everyday or once a year. 


The images below were just a small part of the research put in to learning what exist in financial wellness sites across the internet. Who are the leaders? What are some of the leading trends and future pushing elements currently about to hit the market. 


But, how do they sign up? How do we get more customers? Classic questions of a start up CEO. I was very surprised to learn that this digital kiosk had not been set up after a year of operation and acquisition from a previous owner.  

This version re-imagines the home page with three core questions the CEO wanted to address and pushes the user through the sign up. The following pages were required to contain limited information fields and the need was discovered to continue to educate the user on the product and services of Uptempo. That necessitated the design of billboard imagery to the right on the sign up column. 


Reaching out to the customers through e-mail was started along side the development of the financial wellness portal and the social advertisements. These were used as a launching pad to test tone and touch points for Uptempo users. 


The follow are the email headers from above compiled together to give a better overall view of the tone and different areas each are addressing.  

Each one consist in a similar format, unlike the automotive e-mails that explored a wide range of none traditional layouts.  

These were being developed along side the customer login / signup process as well as the financial wellness site. This is not an optimal way to work, as we have seen above the tone and target customer was all over the place, without the initial target market being established. With the factors for each varying wildly it was an incredible challenge to quickly create a design system for any need that came up. 


Stepping into the consumer side proved to have a variety of factors beyond the requirements of the B2B automotive communications. Developing the Financial wellness portal led to sign up, which led to the e-mails which led to the social all at the same time with the start-up mantra of get it to market, yesterday.  To view the brother work for this company please click to the right.