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The Pocket Fisherman

Re-branding project designed to modernize the highest selling infomercial product from 1979. This work includes updating the font, box design, color specs, a 3D model was created, as well as a new website and mobile gaming app.


Box Art and Design


The original box appeared extremely outdated. It was time to update the design to feel modern and fun and position this product with art towards children as well as a fun thing for adults to buy one another in the 30-50 dollar gift range.


Moible App


The Moible App was an exciting feature that uses the phones gyroscope to cast your lines into the water. You can then reel your fish in. The bigger the catch the more points you earn to unlock items and upgrade your trophy wall. This app encourages people to fish with their friends with an interactive chat. Just the two of you sitting in a boat, enjoying the water.


50 logo Designs


An In-depth logo exploration was carried out for this project. Current trends in logos were examined as well as features from industry standards within the hunting and fishing world.


Color Exploration


Looking at current color schemes within the boating, fishing and hunting market colors were chosen. These colors represent a more traditional brand image, with the box art, website, and app all bringing a more fun light hearted throwback theme to the brand.


Product Re-creation in 3D


This was a very fun project to work on. Being able to 3D model and render our a virtual version of the pocket fisherman was a highlight.