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Create a brand for a property management company that reflects the luxury of the properties. This way the company is showing that they are top of the line and luxurious rather than just saying it. This should be achieved through an updated logo, colors, typography, iconography, and imagery. Each execution focused on a detailed high-end consumer experience.

The elements then came together to create an updated website, as well as digital advertisements.


Below is the initial website design I began with. The site lacked a strong logo, navigation featured properties and lacked room for growth, imagery needed improvement. 

After defining the brand promise and voice, it was important to educate the client on how other entities within their market were approaching this sector. A breakdown of the top searches site was due. This opened a dialogue talking about the strengths and weaknesses of the competition as well as an essential path forward. 

Throughout this assignment there were was a partnership that needed to be developed between the property owners and the renters. Below is a comparison of interest showcasing where they intersect and differ. 

Below are the four initial logo options that also explore four sectors of luxury mood and fete

Website Break Down

Updating the website included

A strong brand message on the home page. We want to educate the renters and the property owners to the positioning of the Getzi Group. This is followed up by getting people right to the properties. This includes a one page scroller with an updated navigation at the top that scrolls you right to the locations. 

The middle page displayed below is the properties main page. This extends the catered experience from the first impression. Key features and perks are spelled out just below the larger extensive gallery. A map listing owner recommended must see’s is featured on a custom map. 

The Black page extends an open welcome to new partners and owners looking to list their property.