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Website Re-Design

For this assignment I was tasked with creating a new website using Shopify, WordPress with a members area and login.

Laser Cut Coasters

From the Initial brand identity booklet I created one execution included laser cut coasters.

Brand Identity Package

Coming into this project it was important to establish a brand identity as an outsider looking in. Voice, persona, strengths, weaknesses

Absolute Pitch

With a new product rolling out, 18.21 has positioned themselves to pitch to Absolutes ultra premium brand.

The New 1821 Cocktail

The new site was built with WordPress, it linked in a Shopfiy account and had a paid private membership area built into the navigation.

As Seen On…

This company has done an amazing job towards gaining exposure, the national publications they have been featured in with active links was a must to place at the top of their page. Previously this was highlighted in body copy in a small strip at the top of their site. Showing the logos instantly helps viewers connect.

A Better Cocktail

Their brand slogan is “Helping you create a better cocktail.” Cocktails were listed out with instructions, and a buy button was added to this page for the 18.21 product being used. The cocktails could be sorted also. Easy, Medium, and Advanced recipes as well as by the main liquor used.

Shopify meet WordPress

The main products and description were housed on Shopify, using their button creation tool the products were linked to their WordPress Site.

Members Discount

Members Discounts were created, by copying the product on Shopify, not listing it and then revealing it once the users has logged in and were placed under the members section of the site.

Laser Cut Coasters

These coasters sadly did not go into production. Though the files were created and the materials gathered, the machine was down. So to show the client how these could look I re-produced them in 3D and rendered them out in KeyShot

Brand Identity and Executions

Coming in cold to this project, I wanted to create a booklet getting their feed back based on what I understood and find out where they stood on my path forward.

Booklet Photography