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Google Android Life Story



This animation tells the origin story of the Google Android. While doing research for my thesis for my MFA I focused on branding characters. The most successful branding characters have rich back stories that are later revealed. This character travels through many tropes of 90’s business culture and when he arrives at Google the shots are jam packed with in-jokes to the company culture.



Producing this animation took three months. After research into company culture and storyboarding production began on the background art. After the background were completed, it was time for the other assets and people in the scenes. I then began the animation swipes.

90’s Corporate Symbolism


Company Shuttles “Connectors” Drivers, drive right over people

Curved ranking employee scale / can look like Hunger Games and a gladiator arena with a betting board similar to horse races

Putting the round peg in a square hole can look like the Windows symbol

cubicles with no way out

San Francisco


The epiphany shot where the character begins sad and then begins to jump and run across the country to  San Francisco is the start of the self discovery along this very bionic heroes journey.

Google Office


  • Goats on the Lawn
  • Bicycles for transportation
  • 20% Free time for their own projects
  • “Like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory”
  • Cook has a Grateful Dead shirt on (use to be their chef)
  • Skateboarding in the office
  • T-red skeleton out front
  • No dress code (wear anything even body paint)
  • Burning man reference on the lap top to their 1998 original logo.
  • Don’t be Evil
  • Language Translation Area: Klingon, pirate, person in backwards clothes
  • Firefox jumping down the stairs
  • Free back rubs!