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The Scoop

This is a celebrity interactive gaming company with a focus on social gaming. It is kind of like fantasy football, but with celebrities trending in real time, via an RSS scraper. If Lindsay Lohan is in trouble this game knew it and the rewards were great.
The best part… you were playing against a celebrity host in real time, of course.
All the work below was completed by myself at break neck speed. It includes 3D Models, Flash Avarts, Flash Icons, and Market Items

Main Game Screen

At the time when this game was created Zynga was taking the world by storm with their social games. The Agency’s main user interface and icons were created in this style. The flat screen aobve the couch is where your roster of celebrities you have in play are held. The Avatars filling the room represent real people playing the game as well, and when they would type little chat bubbles would pop up over their heads.

Initial Promotional Art

Bringing the avatars into the promotional imagery early on was key in helping the audience share in the curiosity as to what exactly these characters were awaiting on the screen.

The Full Experience

The game allowed users to switch between different rooms. Their was a third room to the right with a bathroom and ATM but this was removed. The Dance Floor was really fun to make, and another screen would show the Artist who was hosting that round of the Agencies personal playlist. If it was a casual match then players could choose their own songs to play out on the dance floor.

48 Player Avatars

“Make them more sexy they said….”
To make something sexy, it needs sexy parts… long legs, a proportion system not three heads tall.
Creating Avatars that anyone who admires a celebrity in any genre would like was an evolving process.
Every personality type was filled. Let me know in the comments which avatar you would choose.

Non Playable Characters

Shakes the Bartender / He was the guy to talk to when you needed some fast answers
Mrs. Quarter Cash / She is the woman who dishes out the “Gigs” or missions the icons for them are at the bottom.

The Celebrities

One of the biggest draws for this game was creating a fun and safe environment for celebrities to be able to interact with their fans. This included some very elaborate skinning when games with celebrities were being played. Each celebrity would have three avatar selections to choose from. They would then be placed in the game sitting on the VIP couch. The entire game environment would also change from the standard room into something special for the celebrity guest. Other marketing materials were created, but keep in mind that as these rooms change the user interface and the clickable icons needed to remain in the same place. This made for some very interesting design solutions.

Chilli from TLC

Above are the three Avatar selections for Chilli. Below is the room updated to fit the No Scrubs award winning music video.

Marketing Fliers

These were created to look like the the tacky DJ cards that you find on your car after a night out at a club. The flamboyant use of text paired with the very quickly posed Avatar of the celebrity make these a necessary evil. I wish I had been given more time to work on these.

DJ Tay James / Biebers DJ

This was our test for Justin Bieber. His impact on social media is legendary and the chance to create a gaming experience for his right hand beats man was an amazing opportunity. The Agency main room was updated and Tay was given his DJ stand. Special attention was paid to the promotional imagery on for this artist.

Other Celebrities

This list displays the other celebrities we had put in the pipeline for this game. Some of them had environments created which you will see further down the page.

Whale Wars


Animal Planet teams up with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to present this seafaring chronicle of activists dedicated to interfering with Japanese whaling expeditions. The Sea Shepherds are led by Captain Paul Watson.

Paul Watson

Designing the look for this man was really alot of fun, there again were three different outfits that show up in the promo art below. This was another all hands on deck contract for us, and I was very proud of the ship I had re-created in two days and scaled to fit our game space.

Other Layouts


These include what would have been a major contract for us, the Q100 Jingle Jam. I also had developed a Bootsy Collins Funk Palace on the moon. There is also a Halloween Theme…

Intro Video


Below is the initial Agency your character is working at. And as you can imagine you
can’t stay because you have Jerry Mcguire syndrome and the world is your cocktail.
This was a short intro animation createdin HTML 5
This left the ability for movement fairly limited but
opened up all devices and browsers.


There comes a time in every project when the grinding begins.

It’s the part that is massive and someone has got to do it….usually an intern.
In this case it fell on me to design the icons for 182 “Gigs” this games version of missions.
Each required me to create colored and shaded square illustrations that
could hold up at a small scale as well as inlarged with a description.
In the 3 weeks it took to create these, I think there are for more hits than misses.