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Logo Animations

Over the years I’ve done a lot of experimenting with motion. Often times if I’m doing a quick project I will type in the name Skato and start experimenting. The following short clips are various logo experiments over the years. You will see After Effects, 3D, Dynamics and even some by gone Flash.

Skato is Liquid

This one was fun to do as it takes my current logo with small variations to make it pipe together. After recreating it in 3D I filled it with particles and then used another emitter on a path to push those particles around creating the motion. Some After Effects distortion at the beginning.

Skato Strokes

For this one I used vector lines imported from illustrator and then attached various paint effects growing up them with the control points animated and different pieces completing at different times.

Skato Blocks

Instanced particles with their life span turned to live forever growing down text and then turning up the gravity when they drop. Pretty simple but also very interesting result.

Skato Move

After Effects with 3D layers. Converted the text into shape layers and added some distortion. Shape Layer strokes down a curve copied and pasted and re-timed for the moving lines.

Skato Water Drop

Early Exploration with Maya Bi-Frost when it first came out. I’ve learned quite a bit more since then. It’s easier than Real Flow, but has less features…I think they still have a long way to go with it.

Skato Rainbows and Tears

Obviously I was going through an emo period when I named this one. Flash animation with some design that echos what Adidas created with their Adicolor line and branding. Created in Flash, when aspect ratios like this were okay.

Skato Nessi

Still Logo design created while working for a gaming company.

Skato Wartime

Still Logo design turning the different letters of Skato into Army elements.