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The above is the 2018 Flight Safety video. I worked with Fugo studios on this and had a heavy hand in the post production. I was able to touch just about every shot in here. What you are not seeing is that there are 21 different versions of this video for all the various planes within the Delta fleet. Painting out scenes, motion tracking, animated lines, 3D planes, and more.


Before and After

The greatest challenge for this project was the constantly moving camera. Dealing with camera zoom, pans, and tilts is always interesting for visual effects artist. Tracking becomes a more intensive process when each of these elements is added to a shot. Mixed with the stark backgrounds and long takes in these scenes, getting the tracking right was a must.


Oxygen Mask

There were many on brand objects that needed to be re-created for this project. One detail I was happy to get right was the rarely seen (thankfully) oxygen mask. Modeled and animated in a day. Re-creating the print and legal copy on the bag was one of the most interesting challenges on this one.


Exit Carefully

Details were paramount in this video, right down to the look and lighting of the Delta Exit signs. It was a fascinating journey coming into a project a year into production. The concept had been sold, the sets built, filming was set to begin. Being able to jump in with a team in the middle of a project is never an easy task. The result here speaks for itself. It is a classy, streamlined video, that fits the brand guidelines and celebrates the stewards uniforms over the years.