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VSFX/ Compositing

The following projects were completed while teaching Advanced Compositing and Visual Effects at AI. Leading a group of students to create their own unique creations while I demoed the projects along side them.


This project takes a simple shape and pushed the elements of it into a unique 3D Design. Blend shapes and layered textures were used to achieve the final result. Below you can see a tester for the UI as well as a fluid simulation developed quickly in early explorations.

Car Explosion

The explosions in this project are a mixture between 3D fluid containers and Dynamics in Maya as well as practical effects. The car was divided into several parts and Ncloth was applied. Invisible orbs are providing the thrust for the pieces. Multiple renders were preformed. Applying the Matt paintings and the debris for the destruction was a very satisfying part. Save & Exit

Face Morph

The face morph uses stock green screen footage with a background image. Tracking the face and creating the morph between the character and the 3D face was a fun challenge. Modeling the face in 3D and then adding to a stock skull model. The textures turned out pretty strong on the skull and gave the metallic mesh structure I was looking for.